10 Best Liquid Foundation Brushes 2020

If you’re tired of continuously spreading your foundation with your fingers and you’re looking for a new application method, you might be thinking of purchasing a brush right now.

If you’re in need of best liquid foundation brush, then you are definitely in the right place! This article will provide you with plenty of tips.

Sometimes, we don’t feel that our fingers are enough to offer us the best blending. That’s why we may want to opt for a cosmetic tool that will do the job without accidentally wiping off foundation from the wrong places.

Let’s take a look at the options!

Top 10 Liquid Foundation Brushes Comparison Chart

PictureNameCoveragePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Lamora Foundation Makeup BrushMedium$$4.7
2. Beauty Junkees Flat Kabuki Medium$$$4.7
3. KESHIMA Stippling BrushLight$$$4.7
4. Andre Lorent[ Best Foundation BrushLight$$$$4.7
5. Real Techniques Expert Face BrushMedium$4.6
6. Altair Beauty Medium$$4.6
7. Yoseng Oval Foundation Brush Medium$4.4
8. Mary Kay Makeup BrushFull$$4.4
9. New8Beauty Best Foundation Brush Medium$$4.4
10. EcoTools Flat Foundation BrushFull$4.4

Buying Tips for Foundation Brushes

As you can probably realize, there isn’t just “one true brush of power.” No, most of the time, brushes are made for specific purposes: according to the foundation that you use and the coverage you want to acquire. Considering all these, brushes are categorized as following:

  • Stippling Brush. This kind of foundation brush is made of duo-fiber and is meant to lightly “stipple” the foundation into your pores, offering a more natural look.

It provides a light coverage, which is why it is recommended for women who do not have many skin imperfections.

This kind of brush is finer (some say more “liquid”) to the touch and with a flat top. The tips are usually of a light color (white) while the tougher fiber towards the base is black.

  • Buffing Brush. These look like the classic, round-tipped brushes that we all usually used for powder. They are generally made of (synthetic) hair, and you use them to apply your liquid foundation in a circular motion.

These types of brushes offer medium to full coverage.

  • Kabuki Brushes. These brushes are like a combo between buffing brushes and stippling brushes.

They have the shape of a stippling brush but the density of a buffing brush (and using the same material). Therefore, these tools also offer medium to full coverage.

  • Flat Foundation Brush. This brush is what you would call the “one brush to rule them all.” It is only a bit bigger than an eyeshadow brush, and it’s used when you wish to obtain full coverage.

This type of brush is literally used to paint your foundation over your face, which is why it is recommended when your face is riddled with imperfections.

Once you decide on the type of coverage that you wish to get, all that’s left to do is choose the best liquid foundation brush to offer you that smooth look that TV stars have.

Top 3 Best Liquid Foundation Brush Reviews

1. Lamora

This brush is thick enough to be used as a kabuki/buffing brush but fine enough to act as a stippling brush as well.

Depending on the amount of make-up that you use, this brush can provide you with the desired coverage, without loading your face unnecessarily.

Regardless if you are a makeup artist or not, this brush will evenly spread and blend your foundation, without leaving any areas uncovered. The thickness also prevents any traces, and thus, your skin will end up looking flawless.

While this brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation, it can also be used with the other types as well (cream, powder, and BB cream). Plus, the brush was made well enough so that bristles will not fall out, remaining soft and fluffy even after extended usage.

The composition was also made to suit your comfort. You will not even feel as if it’s in your pores, and your face will be able to breathe while you go about your daily routine.

2. Beauty Junkees

When you start getting used to all kinds of professional brushes, you become picky about the tools you use. Since your skin is sensitive to touch, you can’t use any kind of brush – you’ll risk harming it otherwise.

Beauty Junkies made their kabuki brush extremely durable. Regardless if you have been using it for a long time, you won’t see it brittle or falling out anytime soon. It also feels soft to the touch, without that scratchy feeling you may get from other conventional store brushes.

This kabuki brush also has amazing heft and balance. It feels comfortable to hold, and the head is substantially packed to offer proper medium to full coverage. Plus, it’s not exaggeratedly large; it’s very easy to carry it in your backpack!

Applying makeup with this brush will be as if you are tickling your face with teddy bear fur!


When your skin is generally clean but you still have some light imperfections that you want to touch upon, the stippling brush from Keshima will be able to do the trick. It will create a beautiful airbrushed look that all stars seem to have.

The application is easy, flawless and streak-free – regardless if you are a professional makeup artist or not.

This tool can be used to apply foundation, blush, concealer and highlighter with ease, offering a light coverage that you won’t even notice is there!

It has a duo-fiber design that allows the base to hold the foundation while the top enables a smooth finish. The bristles are nice and soft, and shedding rarely happens if it’s used carefully.

So what kind of coverage do you want? Light, medium or full? You have the best liquid foundation brush for each situation in this article. Now you just have to try them out for yourself!

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