Best MAC Foundations for Oily Skin -

Best MAC Foundations for Oily Skin

When it comes to treating oily skin, there’s one go-to foundation brand for all women, MAC Cosmetics.

MAC products are some of the best ones in helping alleviate problems in oil, acne, and other imperfections that prevent women from getting their dream flawless look.

In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best mac foundation for oily skin. Check them out to find the right one for your skin tone and foundation needs!

How to Make Your Foundation Last on Oily Skin

  • Use Primer First. Primers help foundations stay put throughout the day. When applying choose the oiliest areas like your nose, forehead and chin. Remember to put primer after you’ve washed your face and before you put on foundation.
  • Don’t Apply Too Much Powder. Only apply powder on areas that are shiny. Use matte formula foundations to reduce the shine and even out your skin tone. If you accidentally put too much powder, you can always blot it over with a makeup sponge.

Our Top Picks

Mac Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation C4

MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15

M-A-C Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation SPF 10

1. MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation

Got some serious problem with your oily skin? M.A.C.’s mineralize moisture foundation is our best pick for you. This foundation offers light to medium coverage that provides smooth and weightless feel on your face, even after several hours of wear. It’s moisturizing quality is grease-free with broad spectrum sunscreen protection and skin nourishing anti-oxidants.

You won’t have problems picking a shade color, as MAC has it all, from fair to very dark skin tones. It has a total of 22 shades that’s great for women in all kinds of undertones and complexions. This foundation comes with a convenient small pump, which can be used for easy application.

MAC Mineralize Moisture is the best mac foundation for oily skin that has a formula, which creates an optical blurring effect for diminishing various imperfections, and evening out skin tone. It’s light reflecting natural satin finish makes the skin appear more refined and refreshed from within. This foundation provides stay-true color, long wearing combination, and instant radiance. Recommended for all skin types, you can never go wrong choosing MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 Foundation.


  • Smooth and weightless
  • Sun protection
  • Great for oily skin
  • Long-wearing


  • It can look slightly greasy

2. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation C4

With a total of 48 shades to choose from, MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation has everything for you and your skin tone. It is a one-step powder and foundation that provides a gorgeous looking natural matte finish with medium to full coverage. This foundation has a very silky texture which is lightweight and breathable on the skin.

It can stay up to as long as 8 hours after application, so you’re not rushing at the bathroom every hour to retouch. It’s one of the best powder foundations that controls shine and oil while completely covering the pores. It never cakes or settles into your fine lines, and is especially made for oily skin. It really blends well to the skin without making you too light, dark, or orange.


  • Nearly 50 shades
  • One step for full coverage
  • Natural matte finish
  • Lasts for up to 8 hours


  • Color chart is not 100% accurate

3. MAC Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15

MAC Matchmaster Foundation is a liquid cream foundation that provides “personalized finish” under one’s skin undertone. It uses translucent pigments that is said to look naturally blended on your skin tone for a soft smooth and flawless finish.

This foundation has a very velvety texture that is smooth to blend using your fingers. It provides medium coverage but can also be blended into sheer. MAC Matchmaster is best used for normal and oily skin. It doesn’t clog pores and enhances skin quality with every use.

The shades cover many kind of complexion from light to dark tones, you can be assured that there’s always the right shade for you. The product also goes with a pump, which makes it more convenient as you can control the amount to dispense out of the bottle. If you’re looking for the best mac foundation for oily skin, this is the one for you.


  • Blends well
  • Does not clog pores
  • Convenient pump bottle
  • May tones available


  • The pump can get clogged at times

4. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15

If you are on the hunt for a great-looking foundation that features a very smooth, satiny, and luxurious texture, this M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 could be ideal for you. This product is a gel-based foundation, making it easy to spread into a thin and smooth layer. The texture and consistency of M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 also make it very easy to blend. The satin finish is smooth and silky. However, this product only comes in three shades at this time.

What is nice is that the M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 can be used to achieve full coverage or provide you with medium coverage that is very easy to build upon. In addition, this product’s unique ingredients help moisturize and nourish the skin, thus keeping it healthy at the same time.

M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 provides long wear, and it is super water-resistant. You should be able to wear M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF 15 from morning to night and even sweat a little bit without it coming off and making a mess. Let’s not forget that it’s SPFS 15, so it provides your skin with a little bit of protection from the sun.


  • Good sun protection
  • Easy to blend
  • Good coverage
  • Can be built on
  • Long-wear
  • Water-resistant


  • Not totally waterproof
  • Not many shades

5. MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

If you need a great-looking foundation with a satiny smooth finish and creamy texture, this M.A.C. Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation could be an ideal choice for you. One of the most significant selling points is that this is a long-wear foundation, and according to the label, it will last for up to 24 hours, including exercising, sleeping, and more.

M.A.C. Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation is designed to be nearly 100% waterproof, so a bit of sweat won’t cause a mess; you should even be able to lightly wash your face without it coming off. In addition, you will like how the foundation is transfer-resistant, so you should not get it all over your clothes from a bit of contact.

The smooth, thick, and satiny texture of M.A.C. Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation provides excellent coverage, whether you need full coverage or medium buildable coverage. It is very easy to spread, and it blends pretty well. In addition, M.A.C. Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation is oil-free, so it should be suitable for most skin types.


  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Water-resistant
  • Transfer resistant
  • Wear for up to 24 hours
  • Easy to spread and blend
  • Buildable


  • No SPF protection

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