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6 Best Mac Foundations for Dry Skin 2020

Dry skin can get really uncomfortable. Your skin hardens and it can get really itchy. Applying makeup on such skin is a challenge in itself as they won’t blend easily with the skin for a natural seamless look. You have probably heard of MAC cosmetics and the

10 Best Powder Foundations for Dry Skin 2020

If you’re anything like us and you have dry skin, then you’re probably avoiding powder foundations at all costs. We grew with this false belief that when it comes to cosmetics, anything powder is a big No-No. That’s until we heard rave reviews of some powder foundations

10 Best Drugstore Foundations for Dry Skin 2020

It’s true that some drugstore foundation brands are better than others for dry skin, but the real reason your skin is dry is probably due to the products you’re using (or not using) before and after applying your makeup. That’s right: your skincare products make a huge

10 Best Foundations for Dry Skin 2020

Just because you have dry skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy fabulous-looking skin. In order to find the best foundation for dry skin, you need to understand what will work and what won’t. You need to consider the moisture-level in the foundation and whether or not you