How Long Does Foundation Last

“How long does foundation last?” is a question that many women ask themselves. Some people think that foundation only lasts for about an hour or two, but it can actually last all day without any problems, as long as you know how to use the right type of foundation and put it on correctly.

The following article will go over what types of foundations are available and talk about which ones are best for different skin types. All in all, finding the right type of foundation is essential if you want your makeup to look good throughout the day.

You should also be sure to buy high-quality products so they don’t break down quickly or have other issues with them. This way you’ll get your money’s worth out of them!

What is foundation?

If you already know about the benefits of wearing foundation, you can skip this part. In case some of you don’t really know what it is, foundation makeup is used to even out your skin tone and create a more ‘natural’ look.

Foundation is usually thicker than normal makeup, but it’s slightly transparent so that it doesn’t completely hide or cover your skin. This way you get a natural look that is also smooth and even.

Foundation looks good on all types of skin, but especially on people with normal to oily skin. It’s because these skin types don’t get too oily throughout the day and aren’t prone to breakouts like dry or sensitive skin types.

So if you have normal to oily skin, foundation can help control your oil production and also cover up any problems that you might have with your skin. 

What types of foundations are there?

There are many different types of foundation makeup. If you’re interested in trying out some new ones or just want to know how they work, you can read the following list:

Liquid foundation

This type of foundation has a very thin, watery consistency and is normally applied with your fingers. It stays on longer than other types of foundation because it’s slightly thicker than other ones. Liquid foundations are perfect for people with normal to oily skin who want their makeup to last all day without looking blotchy or broken down.

Tinted moisturizers

These types of foundation are thicker than liquid ones, but they aren’t as thick as other types. They go on smoothly and feel very soft to the touch.

Tinted moisturizers normally have a much lighter consistency than normal foundations too, so they give you a natural glow instead of covering up your skin completely. This type of foundation is perfect for people with normal skin who want to look their best naturally.

For people with dry skin, this type isn’t recommended because it could make your face even more dry and flaky in the winter months!

Cream/mousse foundations

Since both cream and mousse foundations have a thicker texture than tinted moisturizers, they cover up the skin more. Cream and mousse foundations are perfect for people with dry or sensitive skin because they give you a lot of coverage without clogging up your pores, leading to breakouts.

Some of these types of foundation can also be used on normal to oily skin too, like Clinique’s ‘Even Better’ line.


Not everyone likes liquid foundation (maybe some people feel it’s too heavy), but having powder over top isn’t very attractive either. Liquid-to-powder foundations are great because they go on smoothly like liquid ones, but offer a lighter formula so you don’t feel weighed down by your makeup all day long. The finish is also similar to that of powder products, so it gives a nice matte skin appearance.

Powder foundations

Powder is the most common form of foundation because it’s good for all skin types and looks extremely natural. Powder foundations are especially popular for people with oily or acne prone skin because they don’t clog up your pores like other types of foundation do.

The downside to powder foundations is that they can look dry on the skin, so it’s important to find one that isn’t too drying!

Loose powder / mineral powders

Loose powder is an excellent light product which goes on very smoothly, but doesn’t offer the same amount of coverage as liquid or normal powder products.

Mineral powders are also lightweight, but they’re infused with minerals (normally titanium dioxide) that help block UV rays from the sun. This type of powder is perfect for people who want to protect their skin from the outdoors!

Crème / baked powders

Crème and baked powders have a thicker texture than normal powder foundations, so they offer a lot more coverage. They’re normally applied with a sponge or a brush, but can be used wet or dry depending on your preference. Crème and baked powders are great for people with oily skin because they’ll keep you matte all day long!

How Long Does Foundation Last

Types of application

The three best ways to apply foundation are: by using your fingers, with a makeup sponge , or with a foundation brush . You might prefer one method over another, so it’s important to try each one and see what works best for you.

  • When applying foundation, it’s important to start with clean hands and a clean face so that the product looks natural on your skin. If there are any blemishes or freckles that you don’t want covered up , apply concealer over them first before putting on your foundation!
  • If you’re wearing liquid foundation, apply it slightly away from the center of your face (where most of us tend to get oily) and blend it out towards your hairline at the side of your forehead. This will make it seem like your skin isn’t as shiny as it actually is!
  • Remember: the key to applying makeup properly is by blending, blending, and more blending ! You should take a little bit of time to blend your foundation properly so you don’t have any harsh lines.
  • Apply liquid, crème, or gel foundations with a makeup sponge because they’re easy to use and give a natural appearance. You can also press it into the skin for more coverage if you want!
  • If you’re applying powder foundation, there are three different methods that work well: using a brush , an angled blush brush , or simply your fingers . Whichever method you use, be sure to apply it all over your face – not just on your cheeks like regular bronzer. One layer is enough if you’re wearing powder!

Warm & cool tones?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to foundation tones – it’s all about personal preference. However, “cool” undertones tend to work best for people with fair skin who have pink or blue veins. If you’re very pale, try to find foundations that are more yellow in tone.

People with medium skin should look for foundation shades that are slightly darker than their natural skin color because this will make your face stand out! If you have warm undertones, lighter shades of foundation may fit you better since these are usually pink or peach based.

Darker complexions need to choose a shade that’s several shades deeper than their natural skin color! For example, if you’re African American and very dark completed bother, don’t trying to find something light enough because it won’t look natural. Instead, find a shade that matches your skin perfectly.

It’s best to combine multiple shades of foundation together if you’re not sure what color is best for you! Most makeup companies sell kits with two different tones of foundation inside – one lighter and one darker. If you mix them together, the result should be perfect.

What about people who have “yellow” undertones? Yellow doesn’t work as well on its own because it can make your face look dull and gray. To fix this, try using a warm foundation (like pink) underneath yellow to brighten up your complexion! This will also help neutralize any red or blue patches that could pop up.

So, how long does foundation last?

Foundation can last the entire day depending on the type of foundation you’re wearing. Liquid or crème foundations tend to stay longer, so if you have oily skin try using one of these instead!

The key to having good looking skin is by moisturizing it regularly and drinking lots of water. If your skin still looks dull, maybe it’s time for a change in your skincare regiment! Try looking for a facial mask that will brighten your skin, or exfoliating cream that will remove all the dead cells and leave it glowing.

Most importantly: do NOT try to prolong your foundation by layering on powder! This is only going to make your face look cakey and you’ll probably start getting acne.

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